simplcut is an extension of the simpl scattering kernel.

Important Note! For either simpl or simplcut, you should use the “energies” command to define a broad energy grid over which the photons are redistributed. This should sufficiently cover both the seed distribution and ideally extend above a high-energy cutoff. E.g., “energies 0.01 1000. 1000 log” gives ~1% energy resolution in the grid from 10eV to 1 MeV.

The model parameters are given below:

1.    Gamma   (spectral index)
2.    fsc    (scattered fraction)
3.    ReflFrac     (Reflection Fraction. Negative values omit the transmitted and return just the scattered spectrum.)
4.    Energy Turnover     (Exponential cutoff Ecut when negative, kTe when positive using nthcomp as an engine.)

simplcut can be compiled using “xspec – go” from the command line in the installation directory.    A tarball of the package is provided below.

Model Files :